My Italian Grape Geek Journal

My Italian Grape Geek Journal
My Italian Grape Geek Journal
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Italian Grape Geek Podcast is the new and absolutely FREE online podcast series, to accompany My Italian Grape Geek Journal. This podcast series is led by a team of certified Italian Wine Ambassadors behind the award-winning text-book, Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0, published in January 2023.

The driving force behind the project was to connect experienced Italian wine professionals with a wider audience of wine lovers who want to take a deep dive into the native grapes of Italy without committing to the more demanding Italian Wine Ambassador's program.

Each episode of the Italian Grape Geek Podcast covers a “must know” grape, offering insight and opinion from the Italian wine experts who know them best.

Get to know the Italian Wine Ambassadors, what they do and where they are based, and learn from their personal encounters with these important Italian grapes and wines.

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