How To Get US Market-Ready: Wine and Spirits (English Edition)

How To Get US Market-Ready: Wine and Spirits (English Edition)
How To Get US Market-Ready: Wine and Spirits (English Edition)
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About the Book

In order to successfully break into and grow in America, the critical first step for wine producers is to get educated on how the market works. And then develop a customized plan, so they can make sure they are doing not just the right things, but doing the right thing in the right order. The goal of this book is to help readers get US market-ready, avoiding the mistakes others have made before them. The book is written as a “how-to” guide, rather than a reference text book. It is populated with tools, techniques, examples, case histories and strategies for readers to use to get stuff done. And a very useful glossary to help users understand the industry jargon. There are several subjects covered in the book where the content can best be utilized as an excel spreadsheet. We have included visual representations of some of those tools—eg price structures, market selection planner, project flow chart—in the book. Keep in mind however, that they are just tools. Every brand will have its unique DNA and the tools will work best when the insights, experience, and practicality are factored into the planning. We hope you find the book useful. We would like to hear about your success also. Book website:

About the Authors
Steve Raye is President of Bevology Inc., a consulting company which works with individual brands and regional promotional boards to develop strategies for the American market. Steve is also Managing Partner at Bevology Imports, a boutique wine and spirit import company. With over 30 years of industry experience beginning with Diageo predecessor Heublein/Palace brands, Steve is an inspiring and engaging speaker and has presented at Vinitaly, Vinexpo NY and Bordeaux and the London Wine Fair and many other international trade fairs and conferences. He also lectures at Bologna Business School and Cornell University on the issues affecting the US wine and spirits market.

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