Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Grape Varieties

Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Grape Varieties
Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Grape Varieties
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About the Book

The Jumbo Shrimp Guide to International Grape Varieties in Itay was created thanks to the collaboration between three writers that realized that in the current trend towards more and more obscure varieties, and the hunt for the lesser knows wines, many great grapes, denominations and wines are overlooked in new literature about Italian wine. It’s true that Italy has more than 500 nationally registered native grapes, but it’s also true that in many regions of Italy some of the best wines are made using international varieties. The team wanted to explore this topic, looking into not only the wines created from these grapes, but their history in the country, their rise to popularity, and how they’re doing. It of course also begins with a discussion about what makes a grape international in the first place! In addition the team felt it was important to include pages dedicated to how the wines made from international grapes varieties in Italy are distinguishable from those produced elsewhere. As a result this book is designed to be enjoyed by the casual consumer, as well as a useful tool for wine students and more experienced tasters.

About the Authors

Dr Rebecca Lawrence DipWSET is an educator, editor and consultant specialising in Italian wine. She develops global education courses, leads the Vinitaly International Academy Certified Educator programme, and is an educator for the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. ”

Jacopo Fanciulli, VIA Italian Wine Ambassador. He has a degree in Communication Sciences, and Masters degrees in Enology and Marketing. He’s a Sommelier and AIS Taster and has been a second stage Master of Wine student.

Professor Attilio Scienza is a full professor at the university of Milan in the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences. He is the author of over 350 publications on vine and viticulture. He collaborates with Vinitaly International as the Chief Scientist of the Vinitaly International Academy.

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